Submitted by Robbie Miller, Houston, Texas. Attached is a group from my .257 at 100 yds. It was shot on 12-7-08; the load was 78.5 gr of H-1000. The bullet was 257100HV054. The group was .34".

Last Aug. in Texas  I was able to get 3412fps out of the 80gr HV bullets in 6.8SPC with one of my  20"  DMR chambered 13 twist barrels.  We shot a 275 lb boar in the left shoulder and the bullets exited the right ham, so it traversed that hog from corner to corner.

The 105gr bullets are really too long for feeding from the mag of an AR but, in single loading I was getting 3000fps from the 6.8SPC using my 1 in 11 twist barrel. I shot a 308 with a 20" barrel loaded with 155gr Lapua Scenars and the 6.8 with the 105 GS bullet side by side at 464yds. The 6.8 had approximately 7" less drop with both rifles zeroed at 300 yds. Elevation was approximately 5000ft. If the military picked up the 6.8 the 105gr SP would be one heck of a sniper bullet.

I think Adam and Chris are the guys that ordered from you, they both have at least 2 of my 6.8 rifles. The 99HV will be a great hunting bullet for the 6.8.

I took a 5x5 meat elk last year at 372yds using a AR15 in 6.8 but, I used a 110gr Accubond bullet.  Now that the 99gr HV is out it will do a much better job.  The 6.8 isn't my choice for a big trophy elk, I was after a smart old mule deer that knows me better than I know him and just ran across the elk and my hunting partner needed the meat.  We are all impressed with the GS bullets, the only down side is the cost which will push most away. I need to test a small amount with several different twist rates and barrel lengths.  Some bullets actually slow down in longer barrels because the 6.8 uses fast rifle powders like RE10X and RE7. After the testing I will let the guys know and then we will place larger orders, they aren't that much more expensive than Barnes.

Harrison Beene

Submitted by Rich Coyle - January 2009
When the .375 caliber 265 grainers arrived from South Africa, I worked up a load till the bolt was barely sticky.  Then I backed off a couple grains.  I loaded up a few cartridges and went to the range.  The first bullet went right through the center of the "X"!  What a way to start.  So did the next one.  I was concerned thinking I missed the whole target so I walked out the 100 yards and checked.  The "round" hole was barely oval.  The third went into the same group!  The hole was 1/16" larger than the diameter of a bullet.  I shot one more.  It opened up the group to 5/16" and one more opened it up to 9/16".  Foolishly I shot them all up at the range. 

Submitted by Mike Price, Mississippi
I have developed my hunting load with the GS HV 100gr in my 257Wby.  Great velocity, no pressures, great group. Using IMR7828, Fed 215 primers (CCI had too big of 1 1/2 group lower velocities) Weatherby brass, OAL 3.201" group size .164". (Pictures herewith.)

This past season, the GS Custom 130grain HV bullets in my wife's .30-06 accounted for five head of game in seven shots. Two of the shots were reasonable, but unnecessary follow-ups on an elk and a 400lb feral hog. 

From what I've seen, this little bullet has enough integrity to break through at least two major bone structures - shoulder and spine - and continue on to exit all but a lengthwise shot. The only bullet we recovered was from the elk.  

This easy to shoot bullet is a perfect general purpose deer slug, capable of handling heavier game if called upon.  

Unlike some other monometal bullets, what really impresses me about the GS Custom HV bullets is their cleanliness!!! These are, by far, the best bullets I've tried in regards to lack of fouling and ease of cleanup. The lack of fouling is INCREDIBLE!!! One patch of solvent to remove powder fouling, one patch to clean up after that patch, and one patch to lightly oil the bore! That's it! Time to go hunting again! 
Mike Fairbanks, Kodiak, Alaska

Submitted by Bill Davis, Jasper, GA - October 2008:
I shot a doe last week with the 150gr 308 at 3200fps from my custom Rem 700 300SAUM. The shot was short at 30yds but the bullet punched thru both shoulders with almost no bloodshot meat; that part impressed me. I was hoping to get some longer shots and some shots at hogs to test the bullet at longer distances and on heavier game but the game didn't cooperate because of the weather.

I have spent a lot of days on the range testing A LOT of bullets but have never shot one in so many various calibers that was so easy to make shoot. I usually test 4 powders at a time, load the GS bullets to just touch the lands and see which powder shows the most potential for speed and accuracy. Then when I find the combo with the potential I go up in powder weight until I reach the velocity I want and where the bullet still shows it's accuracy potential. Then I start seating the bullets deeper by .005", usually though, the bullet/powder combo that shows the most potential shoots right from the start at just touching the lands. With the 300SAUM the 150 GS would shoot very accurately at multiple OALs. And this bullet duplicates it's results every time at the range, in other words, once the accuracy load is found it will be accurate every time it's shot when the shooter does his part. Some bullets won't do that, at least for me.


Bobby Lowe's elephant hunt in Africa. Click on the image to follow the link to the testimonial.

Hi Bryan

I bought some .375 cal GSC SP bullets from you.
I have shot several test groups with them. So far they are much better than any of the other bullets that I tried. My first 5-shot group at 100 yards I put 3 out of five in the same exact hole! The group was about 3/4" overall. When I tested them at 200 yards, I shot two 3-shot groups: 3/4" and 7/8".

Thanks: Seth

Hi Bryan
Following are some remarks on
the GS Custom 257 HV bullets: I loaded 6 bullets with what I know about my rifle already and the experience that I have had with other bullets. I decided on 73.2 grains of IMR 7828, Rem 9 1/2 primer and the 100 GS @ 3.210" col. I only shot three and got the best group of my life. Outside to outside was 0.339" and mv was 3600 av with standard dev of 18. I can't ask for more. I have found a new hunting load and a target load in the same. Below is a pic taken with my phone of the group that was fired at 105 yards in a slight breeze. The problem with other bullets was too much extreme spread in shot to shot velocity. The GS's had only 34 fps extreme spread and I am confident of my 400 yard groups because of this.

I will for sure be ordering more of the 257 HV's. My previous best was .171" . This one is .079 after the math. Great shooting bullet.

This is the group that I fired with the HV's at 3600 fps. It shows no pressure signs and it is a pleasure to shoot. Highly accurate too. It doesn't get any better. My rifle is a Weatherby Accumark in 257. 
Regards, Jerry


I thought I would drop you a line and tell you how the GS bullets performed. 
I bought a Weatherby .257 about a month ago, shot it once, then put it in the
shop for a new timney trigger and just got it back. Today I loaded up two
bullets each of 7 loads. I used H-1000 and loaded 75, 75.5, 76, 76.5, 77, 77.5,
78, and 78.5 grains. By the time I got to 78.5 grains it was compressed, so I stopped. I shot them all and never got any pressure signs, but the grouping
was pretty amazing. I wasn't expecting any accuracy so I didn't keep track of
which 2-shot group was from which load, but I know several:
The 75 gr. was .9, the 76 gr. was .16 (touching) and the 78.5 gr. was .26. 
The other 4 were:  .4, .3, .84 and .94. Nothing over an inch. I loaded the 
bullets to the second drive band and tomorrow I am going to start with the
78.5 load and start seating the bullet deeper and see where I end up. So far I
couldn't be happier.
Robbie Miller, Houston, TX.

GS Custom Bullets, situated in Port Elizabeth on the East Coast of South Africa, manufactures solid copper, turned, monolithic bullets for hunting and sport shooting. These bullets are used by hunters on several continents, hunting from the smallest of antelope to the largest of dangerous game, using the smooth HP bullet, as well as the more popular HV, FN and SP bullets with the patented drive band concept. GSC bullets are configured for the highest possible ballistic coefficients. SP bullets are mainly used for sport shooting. All GS Custom Bullets are moly coated.

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